Wolfram Huschke

"If the soul had strings, they would be the strings of a violoncello."

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Wolfram Huschke is a very sensitive, technically brilliant cellist with incredible imagination; with an outstanding spectrum of style, which shadings and big extremes he is able to unify in just some beats without realising the change right away; he is someone who understands to communicate in an intoxicating way and in many kinds his enthusiasm for music and his indescribable fun to play with; a man who has charm and humour and whose coquettish mixture of timid flirt and ballsy aloofness, of adorable embarrassment and pure erotic, witty sociability and hilarious seriousness captivates everybody without exception.
Rheinische Post

Since more than a decent Wolfram Huschke is travelling through the world and he knows how to beat the loneliness at concerts: He is looking right away to be close to the audience. With an open smile he asks who’s come for the first time . Only a few hands are raised - no wonder: Huschke has a very faithful group of fans that just can’t get enough of his brilliant and unique play.

Bach has always influenced and accompanied him. His excursions in the strict classical music is above all a bow before the great composer (...) Regardless how to explain Huschke, at the end there only remains the recommendation to go there yourself and to open up the ears widely.
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten

It is love in all its beauty, all its amazement; it is the longing for distance, for loneliness, for pristine nature that is on the mind of Wolfram Huschke. He elicits a quite unbelievable sequence of bizarre and hilarious stories, touching silent moments and hard rocking bursts; especially when he uses intermittently the electric amplified cello. Huschke applies the whole arsenal of hall echo and feedback-sounds, that entered the world of jazz and pop since the guitar improvisations of Jimmy Hendrix and which find in Huschke one of its first and outstanding successors of the classic-genre.
GN Nordhorn

There is nobody who played the cello like him. Over the years, he became still more confident in style, still more sophisticated in sound.
Kleines Theater

With his sensitive, pulsating and extrovert way to play, Huschke hits the nerve of our time, he transcribes in an expressive kind restlessness, excitement, frolic zest for life, but also melancholy, reflectiveness. Meanwhile, he knows how to fill in with spirit as storyteller and as master of ceremonies.
Rundschau Bonn

The encounter with him, his music and his combatants doesn’t let the audience drift off into a relaxed kind, but he rather entrains it with him into worlds of music, of which his listeners just had an imprecise idea of so far.

Wolfram Huschke is a virtuoso of a very rare kind, someone who doesn’t let you realize how much sweat of exercising has flown. It seems that there is technically nothing that he is not able of. His musical-horizon is much larger than normal in that industry.
Elbe Jetzel Zeitung

If it is jazz or country music, Huschke is combining the most different styles and directions to an arrangement of musical highlights. It is astounding which sounds he conjures of his e-cello, supported of fuzz tones, delays and processors; his compliments to Jimmy Hendrix are intoxicating in his excessive jazziness. A merited long applause was awarding Huschke, who performed not only with his music, but also with his distinctive body language and his amusing anecdotes a perfect one-man show. That’s Huschke.

With his groove and the stories he is telling, Huschke manages over and over again to surprise and to give off an atmosphere of intense zest for life
Hamburger Morgenpost 08.05.1999

He knows no reservation, on the cello, he’s got it all technically: He is a gifted virtuoso; He has a clean intonation and eloquence with his bow and fingers.

Already physically Huschke does absolutely not fit into the imagination someone has of a classic musician. Instead of a wild flowing mane he is bald, and has a permanent ear-to-ear grin. He is communicative and the darling of the media more than ever since the „Affentour“ of Marius Müller Westernhagen (...) There, he was the first classic musician as support act of a rock-concert and even upstaged the great master here and there.

Never would Wolfram Huschke presume to bore his audience. Probably he isn’t even able to do so because Huschke is everything else than a boring person.
Lift Stuttgart
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